Detoxify Yourself

20 Oct

By Natalia Rodríguez Domínguez

Do you want to cleanse your body of toxins and feel lighter, radiant and rejuvenated? Just follow these simple detox tips and get yourself ready for the summer days ahead!

Cut the caffeine intake

Giving up or cutting down on coffee, tea and energy drinks is one of the best ways to start your detoxification. Caffeine lowers the body’s ability to absorb certain essential nutrients.

Apart from increasing the risk of high blood pressure, caffeine presents many other threats to your health. In 2009, a study from Durham University found that high levels of caffeine consumption could be linked to an increased tendency to hallucinate. This is due to the fact that caffeine tends to exacerbate the physiological effects of stress.

The benefits of reducing your caffeine intake will be evident from the very beginning: fewer headaches, being less irritable, more peaceful sleep, better digestions and improved skin condition.

Make natural juices & smoothies

Like fruits and vegetables, juices and smoothies are packed with many beneficial agents. Drinking natural juices and smoothies is a popular way to detox.

Their intake will bring together a very wide variety of non-caloric nutrients such as Vitamin C, which is a great detox agent for cleansing the liver.

By making your own natural drinks at home, you will not only enjoy mixing colours and flavours but will also reduce animal and cooked products from your system in order to cleanse your body.

Limit alcohol consumption

Alcohol is one of your body’s worst enemies when it comes to following a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet.

Alcohol acts as an important deteriorating factor to your health; it uses the body’s crucial nutrients, poisoning the organism and raising the quantity of free radicals which are the main cause of cellular oxidation and premature aging.

Despite the growing evidence that drinking red wine at moderate levels may be beneficial to boost our heart performance, an excessive intake can have devastating consequences.  So if you must buy that bottle of red, be sure to share it with friends!

Eat more fruit

Eating at least 7 to 10 portions of fruit on a daily basis is an easy way to help your body detoxify itself. Fruit is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals.

While the strongest detoxifying effect is caused by acidic fruits such as lemons, oranges, grapefruits and pineapples, it is recommended that you eat a wider range of fruits in order to give your body a balanced variety of vitamins and nutrients.

Incorporate vegetables into your diet

…Especially organic ones since they are free of harmful pesticides and chemicals. Veggies are some of the most nutrient dense foods you can eat. They are low in calories, contain a good amount of protein and fibre, plenty of vitamins (A, C, B1, B2, B6, folic acid) and a wide range of minerals.

Both, raw and cooked vegetables are packed with nutrients that are invaluable to your health. Eating them raw provides the body with vitamins that would otherwise be destroyed during cooking. However, cooking your vegetables helps to break down the cellulose walls and allows many nutrients to be more easily absorbed by the body.

Drink plenty of water

Human beings are made up of around 70% water, much of it is found inside our cells and blood. Water is a vital element for human life. We can survive weeks without food, but we would die after only three days without water.

Drink at least 2 litres of water every day.  This habit will help you get rid of toxins and keep your kidneys healthy.

Keeping your body properly hydrated also plays a key role in the health and appearance of skin. Drinking water regularly is one of the best natural ways to help prevent signs of premature aging.

Add fibre to your diet

Eating a diet rich in fibre is essential if you are looking to detox your body and improve your long-term health. Whole grains, vegetables and fruits are fibre-rich foods which help you feel full for longer, keep your digestive system healthy, and improve the health of your heart.

Fibre is simply a group of carbohydrates that humans can’t digest. Unlike proteins, fats and other carbohydrates that the body is able to metabolise, fibre moves through the stomach and intestine without being absorbed. This allows it to work like a kind of broom sweeping up all dirt from inside our body.

Apart from contributing in keeping your digestive system in optimum working condition by preventing bowel problems such as constipation, fibre can also help you lose weight and lowers cholesterol.

Images Source: Natalia Rodríguez Domínguez
First published on 3rd May 2012 (Buzz Magazine). Link


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